Best Rolling Tool Bag – Buyer’s Guide

best rolling tool bag When going from job to job, carrying all of your tools can be a real pain, both figuratively and literally. While you waste valuable time and put additional strain on your muscles carrying around your tools, the rolling tool bag is just sitting there waiting. That is why we have scoured the internet to find the 5 best rolling tool bag around, though there are plenty of distinctions between them.

That is why we have put together a comparison table, so you can easily identify a particular bag’s strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, we also provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you know which features are necessary and which just pad the price tag.

Personally, we feel that the Klein Tools 55452RTB is easily the best bag that we saw, but it does have some flaws that might not work for your needs. Keep reading to see whether or not this is the best rolling tool bag for you.

Our List of Best Rolling Tool Bag (2019)

Product Dimensions Max Load Compart- ments Materials
Klein Tools 55452RTB
(Editor’s Choice)
19” x 14” x 12 ½” 100/200 lbs 24 1680D/600D Ballistic Weave Polyester Check Price
Husky GP-44316AN13 14” x 13” x 9” 80 lbs 13 600D SpunTuff Fabric Check Price
XtremepowerUS Tool Bag 18” x 10” x 15” Unk 19 600D Polyester Check Price
Milwaukee 48-22-8220 16” x 24” x 21” 250 lbs 53 1680D Ballistic Polyester Check Price
Husky Pro 22” x 12” x 15” 150 lbs 38 1680D Polyester Check Price
CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 16 ¾” x 12 ¼” x 9 ¼” Unk 17 Polyester Check Price
Stark USA Elite 19” x 11” x 17” Unk 14 Unk Check Price

Klein Tools 55452RTB – Editor’s Choice Best Rolling Tool Bag

Klein Tools 55452RTB

Klein Tools is easily the oldest and most experienced manufacturer on our list and is easily one of the older tool manufacturers in the world. That said, you may not necessarily have heard of Klein Tools because they primarily focus on hand tools, something they have made for over 150 years.

In that time, the company’s philosophy cemented as one of a top-tier, professional-grade manufacturer that makes tools and their associated accessories more generally. This attention to detail and demand for excellence shows up with the Klein Tools 55452RTB as this is easily our Editor’s Choice and the best rolling tool bag that we reviewed.

Better Than the Rest

At first glance, the Klein Tools 55452RTB tool bag may seem similar enough to all of its competitors, but all of the fine details that functionally determine the experience of using a tool bag have all been refined.

For instance, one common complaint of rolling tool bags is that the outside pockets spill their contents when the bag rolls over bumpy terrain. The Klein Tools bag tackles this in a couple of ways but primarily with the inclusion of rugged 6” wheels that provide a smoother ride than some of the other tool bags.

That said, the second “solution” leaves a bit to be desired as this is the only tool bag we reviewed that does not have compartments on the outside. This makes the Klein Tools bag inherently less convenient, and this is not helped by a folding top cover that does not stay up on its own that well.

Still, this rolling tool bag is made of 1680D/600D ballistic weave polyester and has a reinforced metal frame that can hold up to 100 pounds of tools inside and another 100 pounds on top.


  • Has rugged 6” wheels
  • The most total compartments at 24
  • Has a molded kickplate
  • Has a reinforced metal frame
  • The second largest tool bag reviewed
  • Made of 1680D/600D Ballistic Weave Polyester


  • The most expensive tool bag reviewed
  • Zippers are not that durable

Husky Rolling Tool Tote GP-44316AN13 – Best Hybrid Rolling Tool Bag

Husky Rolling Tool Tote

Husky is a fairly well-known brand of tools that edges on the professional grade depending on the product category but is mostly as a mid-tier brand. Thankfully, tool storage actually happens to be one of the product categories in which Husky excels.

While not the best rolling tool bag for everyone, the Husky Rolling Tool Tote is easily the best hybrid rolling tool bag we saw that is just adept being carried as it is rolling along. Of course, a hybrid rolling tool bag presents some uncommon challenges as much as it offers unique solutions.

Surprisingly Strong

One thing to keep in mind about hybrid rolling tool bags is that they are often a bit undersized in order to make them easier to carry. Because of this necessity, most companies focus more on the frame to ensure the product is strong and durable rather than making sure it is just as strong carried as it is rolled. The Husky Rolling Tool Tote, on the other hand, makes it a point to provide strength even in the smallest of packages with a 600D SpunTuff fabric that weaves PVC throughout the synthetic fibers.

Aside from making the fabric of the Husky Rolling Tool Tote stronger, it also provides some light water-resistance to keep your metal tools dry. That said, Husky went above and beyond in terms of the durability measure by using a thicker, double-stitching to make sure that the seams remain intact.

As a final measure, Husky added a skip plate to help keep the Husky Rolling Tool Tote upright and protect both your tools and the telescopic handle.


  • Is easily carried
  • Has a max load of 80 pounds
  • Is made of 600D SpunTuff Fabric
  • Has excellent stitching
  • Has a protective skid plate


  • A more expensive tool bag
  • Has the fewest compartments

XtremepowerUS Tool Bag – Most Convenient Rolling Tool Bag

XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag

Much like some other brands on our list, XtremepowerUS is another company that does not specialize in tool accessories specifically or tool products more generally. Instead, it seems as though XtremepowerUS produces a wide range of electronic products, though they do cover the tool market as well.

Unlike some of the other companies without much focus, XtremepowerUS has been relatively successful with a large number of their lineups and have even been able to develop an online presence separate from the common online marketplaces. As such, the XtremepowerUS may be the most convenient rolling tool bag we saw, especially if you are a homeowner or other non-professional.

A Better Clone

If you are a weekend warrior or an avid DIYer, this kind of rolling tool bag can save you plenty of money and still satisfy your occasional needs. For example, this rolling tool bag actually has the second most number of compartments, including compartments fashioned to the outside for easy retrieval while working. The fabric is also made of a reasonably durable 600D polyester, though the seams are noted for being somewhat iffy.

Still, the fabric is not only strong but it also provides a solid amount of water-resistance for those rainy workdays. And as is pretty much standard with consumer-grade rolling tool bags, the telescoping handle is not held into place all that well.

The three standing feet does help this rolling tool bag stay still when you need it to. On top of that, the XtremepowerUS has a number of different closure options and protections to ensure that your tools stay safe while in transit.


  • Has 19 total compartments
  • Is a less expensive rolling tool bag
  • Made of water-resistant polyester
  • Multiple closure protections
  • Stands up better than most


  • Seams are not that durable
  • Telescoping handle is not that durable

Milwaukee 48-22-8220 – Best Large Rolling Tool Bag

Milwaukee 48-22-8220

One issue with rolling tool bags is that they can only get so big before the ability to roll them no longer makes it the most convenient way to transport your tools from one job site to another. This is due to the fact that the plastic materials commonly used throughout most rolling tool bag’s frames cannot handle weight above 100 pounds or so.

This is where Milwaukee steps in to provide not only the best large rolling tool bag by far that we saw but one that is also in the running for the most durable too. So long as you do not mind living by the adage, “you get what you pay for”, the Milwaukee 48-22-8220 impresses at nearly every step of the process.

Quality Construction

Within the rolling tool bag market, there are not too many products that can genuinely get everything right–especially when it comes to the durability of the construction. Thankfully, Milwaukee understands where everyone else made their mistake and used an all-metal base and frame to ensure that this particular rolling tool bag does not suffer from that issue. On top of that, the Milwaukee 48-22-8220 is also made of 1680D ballistic polyester, so you do not have to worry about anything puncturing through the bag.

Amazing Capacity

Aside from being one of the best constructed rolling tool bags we saw, the Milwaukee 48-22-8220 also offers the best capacity in every meaningful category. From a pure volume perspective, the over 8000 cu in of capacity is more than double its next closest competitor. On top of that, this space is well partitioned as this rolling tool bag also has the most compartments we saw with 53 in total. Finally, the solid construction of this rolling tool bag also provides for the largest max load at 250 pounds which is 25-percent more than the next closest competitor.


  • Has a hardtop lid
  • Over 8000 cu in of capacity
  • Made of 1680D ballistic polyester
  • Max load of 250 lbs
  • Very solid construction
  • Has 53 total compartments


  • A more expensive rolling tool bag
  • Not as easy to carry

Husky Pro – Best Professional Rolling Tool Bag

Husky Pro Rolling Tool Bag

Husky is a company known by tool guys but is not really that prestigious in terms of manufacturing tools. That said, Husky is and has always been one of the top-tier manufacturers for tool storage products, including tool bags. That being the case, it only makes sense that the Husky Pro would make our list as the best professional rolling tool bag.

That said, this is not necessarily the biggest or have the best specs, but it supplements a great design that still offers the flexibility of much smaller bags. On top of that, this rolling tool bag is not only able to handle a heavy workload, but it is actually one of the easier rolling tool bags to tote around.

Second-Best Capacity

Though the Husky Pro may not have the absolute largest capacity by any measurement, it actually has the second-best ratings in all of the meaningful capacity metrics.

For instance, this is one of the few rolling tool bags with a capacity of over 100 pounds and only the second with an internal capacity of 150 pounds or more. On top of that, this rolling tool bag also has the second-most total compartments, inside and out, at 38–which would normally blow the competition away. Finally, it is also the all-around second-largest rolling tool bag reviewed with almost 4000 cu in of capacity.

Biggest Everyday

One important thing to remember is that the Husky Pro was designed to be usable as a carrying tool bag if needed. The only larger rolling tool bag we saw was not able to accommodate this form of transportation nearly as well. On top of that, the Husky Pro is able to achieve these results without causing as much difficulty during transport due to the inclusion of a 3rd wheel for easier rolling.

This is also one of the few rolling tool bags we saw that used waterproof zippers to provide that little extra bit of protection from the elements.


  • Max load of 150 pounds
  • Is a larger rolling tool bag
  • Almost 4000 cu in of capacity
  • Has 38 total compartments
  • Has waterproof zippers


  • A heavier rolling tool bag
  • A more expensive rolling tool bag

CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 – Best Rolling Tool Bag for Night

CLC Custom Leathercraft L258

Custom Leathercraft has long been known as one of the premier manufacturers of high-end leather tool storage and transportation options. That said, their track record is not quite so stellar when it comes to their inclusion of synthetic materials.

Of course, this is not quite so much a reflection of the product compared to its competitors as much as it is compared to other CLC products. While there are definitely some things that this rolling tool bag could improve upon, there is still no getting around the fact that this is easily the best rolling tool bag for night.

Extremely Convenient

It seems that to make up for the fact that the CLC L258 suffers from one of the most common flaws in the rolling tool bag market–poor telescoping handle durability–they made sure to add a whole bunch of extra goodies.

Easily the best extra feature is the built-in light which puts out a solid 39 lumens and runs on AAA batteries. While this is not enough light to illuminate a worksite, it is more than enough to provide visibility into the bag and even a bit for walking. To top that, this is also the only rolling tool bag we saw with a magnetic folding cover, making it significantly easier and less frustrating in windy conditions to leave the CLC L258 open while working.

Reasonable Specs

For the most part, the CLC L258 checks all of the expected boxes and is actually not even that expensive–which is a bit surprising considering the brand. On the other hand, this is one of the few rolling tool bags we saw that did not go to any additional lengths reinforcing their polyester material, though this does not seem to have had any major effect on its durability.

Still, the 17 total compartments are on par with the industry average, and it is easily one of the lighter rolling tool bags we saw. This combined with the webbed handles make this one of the easier tool bags to carry if need be.


  • Has 17 total compartments
  • Built-in light on the handle
  • Has a magnetic folding cover
  • Is easy to carry
  • A less expensive rolling tool bag


  • Telescoping handle is not that durable
  • The fabric is only polyester

Stark USA Elite – Largest Rolling Tool Bag

Stark USA Elite Rolling Tool Bag

Stark USA Elite has actually been around since 2005 and can even trace its parent company further back than that. That said, this company does not actually manufacture their own products and import rebranded products instead.

Depending on who Stark USA Elite imports from will determine heavily how good their rebranded product is. Unfortunately, we do not really know who’s design this rolling bag comes from, but it is definitely different than all of the others on our list.

The most troubling thing about the Stark USA Elite is the lack of meaningful information provided by the company so the consumer can make an informed decision. Regardless, this is still the largest rolling tool bag on our list with numerous arrangements available.

Size Matters

Easily the best quality of the Stark USA Elite is the size which clocks in a 19” (H) x 11” (W) x 17” (L) and totals a spacious 3553 cu in. While this is not the largest rolling tool bag by that much, it also offers the ability to customize the interior to an extent.

While some rolling tool bags will include permanent dividers inside the tool bag, the Stark USA Elite allows those dividers to be easily removed from their Velcro fastening.

One thing else to consider is that this rolling tool bag has the second fewest number of compartments. While this can make organizing a bit more challenging, it also means that each compartment has more space to work with. As such, you should be able to squeeze larger tools in these compartments than you otherwise would be able to with a tool bag that has more compartments. Keep in mind, this only applies because the Stark USA Elite is large enough that the fewer compartments necessarily are larger.


  • One of the larger rolling tool bags reviewed
  • A less expensive rolling tool bag
  • Stands up better than most
  • Is water-resistant
  • Has removable dividers


  • The fabric is not that durable
  • Telescoping handle is not that durable

Rolling Tool Bag – Buyer’s Guide


The materials will be one of the most important aspects to consider primarily because it will often determine how long the product lasts. Keep in mind, it is actually rare for tools to cut or puncture a rolling tool bag clean through, but damaging the seams or closures is quite common.

As such, some of the things you might think you know about the strength and durability of various fibers is a bit insufficient for these purposes. Synthetic fibers are used for everything from clothing to outdoor products to, yes, various types of bags and containers. However, when you are trying to carry around dozens of pounds of large, sharp tools, the fabric your jacket is made of may not cut the mustard.


This is the least expensive material used and also the weakest but it actually provides some legitimate benefits that other materials do not.

For instance, polyester is one of the more naturally water-resistant materials that is spun into synthetic fibers. Moreover, if the polyester is spun into a particularly strong or tight weave, the water-resistant properties increase. On top of that, polyester is significantly less reactive to UV radiation than some of the other materials used.

While this may not be a big deal for products that spend most of their time indoors, a rolling tool bag may be set up outdoors for the majority of its existence. Just make sure that you do not accept a rolling tool bag using polyester fabric that is less than 600D strength.


This is the other most common type of fiber used for rolling tool bags, and though it is marginally more expensive than polyester, it provides significantly better structural integrity. As such, it is inherently more difficult to cut or puncture nylon than it is polyester, though nylon does not offer nearly the same level of ancillary protections as polyester.

For example, though nylon may be somewhat naturally water-resistant, it falls far short when compared to polyester. On top of that, nylon can be significantly degraded by regular exposure to UV radiation which can be a problem for rolling tool bags. Much like with polyester, if a rolling tool bag uses nylon, make it a point to find one that is at least rated 600D.

Ballistic Weave

This is not actually a particular material as much as it is a way of fashioning either polyester or, more commonly, nylon in a way that significantly increases its strength and durability. Basically, the ballistic weave, developed during WWI before kevlar was invented, uses its woven pattern to provide tensile strength to help prevent punctures.

In fact, the older military rucksacks are often made from a nylon and canvas blend woven with a ballistic weave. One thing to remember about ballistic weaves is that they technically use two different kinds of thread. This difference allows the weave to provide significantly more strength without losing the kind of flexibility needed for most fabric purposes.

Other Weaves

These days, more and more brands are developing their own proprietary types and blends of fabrics and weaves. While ballistic weave might be the most well known and popular, there are a number of other weaves that aim to offer different benefits.

For instance, one of the more common types of weave, though it goes by numerous names, simply adds PVC to the fiber blend. This does not actually make the weave stronger compared to other unique types, but the woven PVC makes that particular fabric far more water-resistant than those weaves without waterproof PVC woven into them.


Continuing with the premise that the materials are more important than some of the details, the frame that the rolling tool bag uses will heavily impact how durable the tool bag will be over the duration of its lifespan.

This being the case, you would expect manufacturers to make it a point to provide some of the strongest and most durable frames that they could. Sadly, this seems to be a quality that most manufacturers sacrificed for either profits or portability. This is because the overwhelming majority of rolling tool bag frames are made of plastic and fastened onto the bag with a few rivets. This is nowhere near enough support for the component that will handle the majority of torque you apply when moving it.

As such, problems with the telescoping handle plague this product category from the top to the bottom. In an effort to stand out from most of the competition, the top-tier brands alleviate this problem by using metal when constructing the frame. This provides numerous benefits, but one of the most immediate and obvious over the long-term is the increased telescopic handle durability.

Where once the handle would regularly tear through the tool bag’s fabric and separate from the frame altogether, a metal frame ensures that the handle would bend before it broke.

Another benefit that a superior frame provides is an increased max weight load, and this can be seen quite clearly as rolling tool bags with a metal frame will often have twice the max weight load that plastic framed rolling tool bags do. However, the frame is even often supplemented with a superior base plate on top which the tool bag sits.

The base plate can not only provide additional support to increase the max weight load, but it can also protect the bottom of the tool bag and the tools inside while in transit.


The capacity will, to a large extent, be determined by the overall dimensions of the rolling tool bag, though the way the space is divided can have a huge impact on this as well.

Basically, even if a rolling tool bag has a large profile, if the bag’s main interior compartment has an unmovable divider, you might find it performing worse for your capacity needs than a bag with a smaller profile. That said, this will have significantly more impact depending on the kind of job you have or tasks you commonly perform.

For instance, an electrician will probably want a rolling tool bag with a different kind of capacity arrangement than a framer might. The former will use a wide range of smaller and nuanced tools while the latter may only use a handful of tools but they are generally all fairly large and heavy.

As such, an electrician or other laborers who use fewer power tools is likely more interested in the number and organization of the compartments over the sheer maximum capacity while a more general laborer will need a large, central compartment for their larger power tools.

Of course, the number and arrangement of compartments will be important to pretty much every labor profession. Even framers, though they may use larger hammers, saws, drills, and nail guns still need plenty of compartments for measuring tools and the various fasteners.

Though, the more educated labor professions like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are far more likely to require a multitude of compartments. This is because most of the tools these professions use are smaller, and they also happen to use a large number of different types of fasteners. Keeping all of you different tools and accessories organized can make it much quicker and easier to complete a job.


At the end of the day, a rolling tool bag is expected to stand up to rigors of a hard day’s work day in and day out. In this regard, the Klein Tools 55452RTB is by far the best rolling tool bag for the job and one of the few we saw that can truly handle a professional-level workload.

With the 1680D/600D ballistic weave polyester fabric and the reinforced metal frame, the Klein Tools bag is not only the most durable but the strongest as well. On top of that, this bag has fewer issues with the telescopic handle than pretty much every rolling tool bag on the market.

Of course, if you need something that can wear two hats at once, the Husky Rolling Tool Tote offers an excellent solution to a complex problem. The Husky tool bag gives you the option to detach the bag from the frame and carry it around like a normal, albeit heavy, tool bag. While it is not the largest tool bag that we saw by far, the Husky does offer incredible durability with their SpunTuff fabric and thick, double-stitches.

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